Sleigh Family

Sleigh family personalised decorations are a fun and festive design. Depicting people in a sleigh going down a hill. Decorations are available from 2-5 people.

Personalised decorations make a terrific gift for grandparents. Messages can be added to the design like ‘Precious Grandchildren’. It’s a good idea adding the year when purchasing for grandparents. You never know if anymore grandchildren pop up!

The sleigh design is also ideal for a family. If the recipient are all the same surname, it can be great to add a message. Examples like ‘The Farrell’s Family Christmas’ or ‘The Williams Winter Wonderland’. When different surnames, a message like ‘A Magical Family Christmas’ can look great.

Christmas is a magical time of year. Personalised decorations make a great gift. The sleigh family design depicts the fun and magic of Christmas.

Choose from the decorations below. Boxes are on the product description to be filled out. George personalises each individual design and examples can be seen in the photos. Provide all information prior to adding to cart.

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